Kx has been selected by Aston Martin Red Bull Racing as an innovation partner for the use of its Kx technology to analyze sensor data from its Formula 1 vehicles.

Brian Jones, Head of Software Development, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, stated: “Kx brings us a technology, with a comprehensive modern software stack and a reliability that the business demands. Underpinning this, is a proven track record in the finance industry processing time-series data. The foundation is our growing technical partnership with Kx, where we share innovation, improve software and deliver tangible results to our users. As we learn with Kx, we are finding more and more opportunities through the business, and we are really excited as to what Kx can bring. ”

Brian Conlon, Chief Executive Officer of Kx, commented: “We at Kx are delighted to work with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. Both companies are associated with power, speed, precision engineering and innovation. Over the years F1 has proven itself as an ideal testing ground for disruptive technologies and we look forward to bringing the power of Kx to bear in high-value complementary markets.”