Finance Magnates

30 Apr 2018 | , ,

Finance Magnates’ Foreign Exchange Editor, Victor Golovtchenk, describes how Kx technology drives connections between London’s and China’s foreign exchange markets, by powering R5-SHCH Connect – facilitating direct links between London’s foreign exchange and Chinese banks.

Huffington Post UK

20 Oct 2017 | , , , , ,

Kx’s Robert Hill writes about the impact of ‘space weather’ events affecting Earth over the last 50 years in this article in the Huffington Post UK, and how Kx is supporting a NASA Frontier Development Lab team investigating how to predict them in the future.


22 May 2017 | , ,

According to eFinancialCareers more kdb+/q programmers are finding new opportunities outside of financial services as Kx’s kdb+ database is becoming more more broadly used in other sectors that face Big Data challenges.

First Women

12 May 2017 | , ,

Kx’s Shannon Jones writes in this article in First Women about how companies in the UK are embracing new technology in order to work smarter and more efficiently.

Intel: Code to Glory

13 Apr 2017 | ,

Kx and Intel recently partnered on a series of benchmarks run by an independent tech blogger using public datasets of taxi rides in New York City. The results were the fastest by far of any other CPU-based technologies.

Key take-aways from Intel’s article about the benchmarks are: real-time analysis of massive market data volumes delivers profitable insights; accelerated query performance is the ultimate resource to identify trading opportunities and coding for parallelism and vectorization is time well spent, it delivers exceptional results.