U.S. Naval Postgraduate School Licenses Kx Systems’ Software

29 Dec 1999 | , , , , ,
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Palo Alto (29 Dec 1999) – Kx Systems, announced today that the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School has licensed Kx technology for building a Web-based education prototype, for the National Defense University.

The National Defense University, acting as the agent of the Educational Technology Working Group of the Military Education Community Council (MECC), is using Kx technology to build a prototype application for the Joint Virtual Learning Environment (JVLE) Project. The JVLE concept is to link learning resources from the military educational community and operational resources from the Commanders in the field. The JVLE system is different from traditional remote learning models in that it interacts responsively with its end users, permitting them to customize their own “learn on demand” opportunities.

“This technology takes learning to the next level of knowledge management. Using an object oriented approach and a browser based interface, it’s very easy to create and distribute learning opportunities to a global customer base,” said Richard B. Grahlman, JVLE Project Manager.

Kx technology was chosen as the JVLE initial prototyping language and database because of its small size, its efficiency in Web-based applications, and its ability to handle massive amounts of data quickly.

Michael Whitney, the principal developer for the project, explains, “The prototyping process was particularly easy with K and Kdb because of the exceptional functionality and small code mass involved. We are able to continually implement design changes to the application without losing any time. Currently we have one central Web server with several distributed data repositories. With Kdb’s rich query facilities, we are able to avoid the complex, multi-tier architectures so common in this type of project. Kdb makes it simple to connect the distributed data repositories directly through the Web server to the client’s browsers. Also, because K and Kdb are so small and efficient, the JVLE project does not require any special hardware, relying instead on a redundant array of inexpensive computers.”


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