Sun buys Kx technology

Sun Trading expands Kx Systems technology for global proprietary trading

5 Dec 2012 | , , , , , ,
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Chicago (5 Dec 2012) – Sun Trading Solutions LLC (Sun Trading), an affiliate of Sun Trading LLC, will expand its use of the Kx Systems kdb+ database to support growth across its global proprietary trading activities. Through the kdb+ database, Kx Systems, the leader in high-performance database and time series analysis, enables Sun Trading to capture and analyze large volumes of trade data in real-time for quantitative trading.

A Kx Systems client since 2008, Sun Trading will utilize the kdb+ database at its Chicago and London sites as it continues to grow its cross-asset trading activity across new markets and geographies. Sun Trading uses kdb+ to process vast amounts of real-time and historical data and perform complex analytics with minimal latency. The database gives traders an accurate and instant view of the global markets and enables them to rapidly roll out new trading strategies.

Kurt Lingel, Chief Information Officer at Sun Trading said: “As a long-time user of the Kx database, we have been consistently pleased with how the real-time analytics and speed of the platform has allowed us to quickly bring trading ideas to the market. We will use the Kx technology to address our growing research and analysis needs as we continue to diversify across multiple asset classes and markets. Kx’s ability to work with us to evaluate a complete solution gave us the confidence to expand our relationship.”

The expanded partnership with Sun Trading highlights Kx Systems’ continued growth in the Chicago market. The proliferation of electronic futures, options and FX trading in the area is driving demand for technology to support high-volume data intensive analytics and applications.

Fintan Quill, Senior Engineer, Kx Systems commented: “In the rapidly-evolving world of quantitative trading, Kx has proven resilient in adapting to each new development, processing higher volumes of data faster and driving comprehensive real-time analytics. The expansion of our work with Sun Trading showcases how these capabilities underpin the growth of electronic trading strategies as opportunities continue to open up in new markets.”


Kdb+ sets benchmark for Google Cloud Platform in first-ever cloud STAC-M3 tests

Kdb+ sets benchmark for Google Cloud Platform in first-ever cloud STAC-M3 tests

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(Newry, Northern Ireland, 29 October 2018) Kx announces excellent results for the kdb+ database system in the first-ever cloud benchmark tests performed by the Securities Trading Analysis Center (STAC). Two recent STAC-M3 tests, run on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), validate the use of kdb+ for massive amounts of market data, trade data and database-of-record applications […]

Kx announces Dashboards integration with Finsemble and OpenFin

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(New York, London, 29 June 2018) Kx, a division of First Derivatives plc (FD) and provider of the industry-leading kdb+ analytics database, has announced Dashboards for Kx integration with Finsemble and OpenFin. Dashboards for Kx’s rich visualization, powered by the complex processing capabilities and speed of Kx technology, is now enhanced with a seamless desktop […]

Kx offers kdb+ on-demand for Cloud and on-premises

Kx offers kdb+ on-demand for Cloud and on-premises

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PALO ALTO, CA (27 March 2018) Kx Systems announces that it has released a subscription-based version of kdb+, its core technology. Kdb+ on demand has a new flexible pricing model which makes it widely accessible to programmers for all uses. This model is available for use on premises, as well as to meet the rising […]