Rotomail Delivers High-Volume Marketing Analytics for Retail Banking Using the Kx Kdb Database

16 Nov 2004 | , , , , , , ,
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Palo Alto and Milan, Italy (16 Nov 2004) – Kx Systems, leader in high-performance relational databases, and Rotomail, leader in variable-data marketing solutions, today announced immediate availability of CRM-PROFILER, a browser-based marketing analysis system that enables retail banking firms to mine vast amounts of customer and transaction data and receive results in real-time.

According to Dr. Fabrizio De Vecchi, Marketing Manager at BankAmericard® — a division of Deutsche Bank S.p.A. in Italy that manages electronic payments and credit card services — “CRM-Profiler is a customer relationship management dream come true. Its ability to make sense of enormous volumes of data with great speed will enable any company to understand their customers better and to offer them services that precisely match their needs.”

Rotomail developed CRM-Profiler to help retail financial institutions perform high-speed analysis on rapidly growing amounts of customer and transaction data. According to Giorgio Albertini, Rotomail GM, “Kx Systems gave Rotomail the unprecedented ability to build a sophisticated marketing analysis solution that’s fast enough to crunch through gigabytes of data in real-time. Yet, it runs on an ordinary Microsoft Windows server. In the past, our mainframe-based, customized process for advanced data mining would take about a month to produce any usable results. With kdb, CRM-Profiler users get results in a few seconds.”

CRM-Profiler takes customer and transaction data from any source, reads it into the high-performance kdb database from Kx Systems, and performs fast time-ordered analysis on the data. Designed for marketing and CRM professionals, CRM-Profiler is accessible from a web browser. Users select from a menu of reports specialized for retail banking, and report output is available on-screen and through standard office tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Rotomail selected kdb while conducting a search for a high-performance relational database that could rapidly analyze the time-stamped data essential to understanding financial transactions. In addition CRM-Profiler is being used by Rotomail to help advertisers identify their best marketing vehicles based on detailed analysis of customer behavior.

Janet Lustgarten, Kx CEO, said, “Rotomail is a true innovator in developing marketing solutions that take advantage of today’s new technology for the enterprise. CRM-Profiler offers retail financial institutions a higher level of intelligence for serving customers and improving profitability. We are delighted that Rotomail selected kdb as its database and analytics platform for CRM-Profiler.”

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Kx selected by Red Bull Racing for Sensor Analytics

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Kx parent FD announces that it has been selected by Red Bull Racing as a team supplier for the use of its Kx technology to analyze sensor data from its Formula 1 vehicles. Initially, Kx will be deployed for the analysis of wind tunnel data, a critical element in the development of faster, more competitive F1 cars.

It is intended that Red Bull Racing will use Kx for a range of purposes including wind tunnel experiments and the analysis of in-race data to enable real-time decisions during Grand Prix races.

kdb+ breaks STAC benchmark record

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FD (AIM:FDP.L, ESM:FDP.I) announces that its Kx Systems division is proud to be part of Intel’s latest record-breaking tick analytics benchmark run on the Intel Skylake processor in conjunction with the brand new Intel ® Optane™ SSD DC P4800X. The tests broke 11 out of 17 of the existing response time records for performance on a single server.