Newest Version of Kx Systems’ High Performance Database Means More Effective Use of Next Generation Multicore Chips

7 Mar 2006 | , , , ,
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Palo Alto (7 Mar 2006) – Kx systems, leader in high-performance databases
and timeseries analysis, today announced worldwide availability of the kdb+ v.2.3
database for Linux, Windows and Solaris operating systems. In response to customer
demand, Kx now supports Solaris on Intel, adding to their existing support for
Solaris on SPARC. The new release offers improved performance, facilitates the
storage and retrieval of complex data types and allows users to extract maximum
processing power from next generation multicore chips.

Unlike competitors who have optimized only parts of their
database solutions for new CPU architectures, Kx has added multithreaded capabilities
to their database to make it easy for developers to take advantage of parallel
processing without changing their code. Kdb+v.2.3 offers complete interoperability
with existing versions of the product and can be used on 32- and 64-bit platforms.
Whether customers want to extract more power from their existing hardware configuration
or plan to invest in future multiple core architectures, they won’t have
to make any changes to their existing applications to run kdb+ v. 2.3.

“Clients are constantly investing in new hardware and applications to keep
up with increasing data volumes,” said Arthur Whitney, Kx CEO. “It’s
not unusual for a program trader to crunch through gigabytes of trade and quote
data in seconds. Kdb+ v.2.3 gives them the capacity to process large amounts of
streaming, historical and realtime data simultaneously.”

Other capabilities of kdb+ v.2.3 include faster and more efficient storage and
retrieval of character and nested data and the ability to analyze data sets simultaneously
instead of sequentially.

“Any financial firm trading in today’s high volume
capital markets wants to make their existing hardware work more efficiently,” said
Simon Garland, Kx CTO. “Now
that traders can make fuller use of their existing hardware with kdb+v.2.3, they
can do things like calculate the correlation between hundreds of stocks in parallel,
which they had to do synchronously before. “With this release we’re
giving customers a way to make better use of their current capacity and setting
them up to embrace future technologies, much like we did when we introduced 64-bit
capabilities with kdb+ in 2003.”


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