Kx Systems Announces Financial Industry’s First Platform for Acquiring, Analyzing, and Managing Trade Data

14 Nov 2001 | , , , , , , ,
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Miami (14 Nov 2001) – Kx Systems, Inc., leader in enabling financial services firms to meet the challenges of acquiring, managing and analyzing massive amounts of business data at extremely high speeds, today announced worldwide availability of the kdb/tick platform for managing financial trade data. A financial industry first, kdb/tick combines real-time and historical securities-trading data into a single database, with unprecedented sub-second response time on multimillion-record queries. Also announced today, the kdb/taq (trade and quote) loader is a high-speed module for rapid loading of NYSE TAQ data from CD or other media into the kdb relational database. Kdb/taq not only extends a trader’s ability to perform multidimensional time-series analyses of NYSE TAQ data, it also can reduce the load time for a month’s data from eight hours to 15 minutes.

By delivering a faster way to analyze enormous amounts of data quickly, kdb/tick enables traders to achieve a competitive advantage based on the ability to test models that analyze trading patterns and then run background analyses on real-time feed data, notifying programs when to execute the trade. Kdb/tick lets trading departments, hedge funds and other firms that need to analyze securities implement increasingly sophisticated trading strategies.

Built on kdb, the Kx Systems ultra-high performance large-capacity database, the kdb/tick platform includes:

  • a real-time ticker plant module to capture streaming data in a relational database; the ability to alert background trading programs when conditions indicate the optimal time to trade;
  • a daily update from the current day’s real-time feeds into the historical database, so that extensive analyses can be performed at real-time speeds on multiple years of trade and quote data.

The kdb/tick capabilities are layered on kdb, which provides exceptional data management and high-speed reporting for massive amounts of real-time and historical data. Kdb incorporates KSQL, an SQL92-compliant query language optimized for time-ordered, multidimensional analytics. With KSQL and kdb, analysts can quickly view information about multiple instruments over ranges of time, identifying patterns for more informed trading. Using kdb/tick, a query on a million records can return results in one second, providing an outstanding platform for creating new trading and business strategies.

“Kdb/tick eliminates three big constraints on trading analytics,” said Arthur Whitney, co-founder and chief technology officer at Kx. “First, kdb/tick rapidly writes streaming data to disk, removing the prior limitation that only data in memory could be analyzed. Second, for historical data analysis, kdb/tick responds to queries in seconds –– even when queries involve billions of records—a dramatic improvement compared with the overnight or weekend-long jobs required using other databases. Finally, with kdb/tick firms can integrate their streaming data with their historical data and create a single, current database for more timely analysis.”

Already in use at Credit Lyonnais Securities USA, kdb/tick was selected because of its “very high-capacity database system with the added abilities to read and write trade information in real-time as well as manage historical data,” said Stephane Decker, Managing Director at CL. Kdb/tick was fully implemented at Credit Lyonnais in only one week.

Pricing and Availability Kx Systems kdb/tick platform and kdb/taq loader module are available on an annual or one-time basis. Annual fees start at $70,000 for kdb/tick, and $40,000 for kdb/taq. The alternative option is a one-time license fee plus 20% maintenance. Minor releases are included with the maintenance contract. Kdb/tick and Kdb/taq are available immediately and sold through Kx and its partners — Appian Corporation in the Americas and First Derivatives Plc in Europe.


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