Kx Retail Innovation Index reveals top brands driving growth and loyalty through technology

16 Jan 2018 | , ,

More than ever, retailers face growing pressure to innovate and adapt to the changing habits of customers - no area is exempt from the impact of the digital revolution. Technology and data bring opportunities to grow sales through ever improving customer experiences. As technology moves at pace, retailers are struggling to identify where to start, and what investments will have the biggest impact on their business.

Kx significantly speeds up performance with the latest edition of its database platform, kdb+ version 3.5

15 Aug 2016 | , , , , , ,

Palo Alto (15 Mar 2017) – Kx Systems, the acknowledged leader in time-series analytics for streaming, real-time and historical data, today announced the release of a new edition of its database and analytics technology, kdb+ version 3.5. This latest version of kdb+ includes a number of features that significantly speed up its performance, as well