Kx selected by Zipabout to power intelligent transportation platform

27 Nov 2018 | , ,

Transportation tech specialist Zipabout has selected Kx technology to power its intelligent communications platform for the transport network. Zipabout’s platform utilizes machine learning to analyze complex transportation data and deliver personalized passenger communications in real-time. With Kx technology, Zipabout is able to process complex and disparate big datasets with greater speed and scalability.

Kx technology & related machine learning libraries available on Anaconda’s distribution platform

12 Sep 2018 | , , ,

(Newry, Northern Ireland, 12 September 2018) Kx announces a partnership with Anaconda, Inc. to add the kdb+ database system, and related machine learning libraries, to Anaconda’s popular Python and R open source distribution platform. Kdb+ is now much more easily integrated into Python-based projects and technologists outside of the kdb+ community can now take advantage of

Kx selected by BrainWaveBank for the world’s first Big Data collection of brainwave activity

23 Oct 2017 | , , , , ,

Global technology specialist FD announces that BrainWaveBank, an innovative start-up focused on cognitive health, has selected Kx technology to power its neuroscience platform. The agreement will allow BrainWaveBank to build the world’s first Big Data collection of brainwave activity data and to target the cognitive health assessment market.

Major Machine Learning Investment in Kx Technology

19 Sep 2017 | , , ,

FD announces a range of initiatives to put machine learning (ML) capabilities at the heart of future development for the Group’s Kx technology, in direct response to increasing interest from current and potential customers. The measures announced today will accelerate delivery of pipeline opportunities in software and consulting and provide access to an increased pool of ML specialists to help increase traction in this rapidly growing area.