What is this Capstone all about?

This Project combines all the concepts covered in the Fundamentals modules and has been designed to test them together in one end of course project. 


For this project you will take on the role of a data analyst for the Options trading team of a large investment bank. 

There are 3 main sections of work:

  • In the first one you will be asked to do some data loading
  • In the second one you will be asked to do data cleaning 
  • The third one is a larger section in which you will be working through 3 problems:
    • Quality of execution - This involves checking to see if you got the best possible price on the market 
    • Profitability analysis - analysing the profitability of the trades that have been executed
    • Profiling and Outlier analysis – defining what a "typical trade" looks like for each option

These are typical tasks a data analyst who be expected to do in a real life trading environment.

Who is this course suitable for?

Aimed at beginners to KX who have some experience with kdb+/q or have undertaken as least some of the KX Fundamentals Modules on the Academy.

What do I receive for taking this course?

You will receive a KX Certification to state that you have completed the capstone.

Feel free to show off and share your certification on social media or LinkedIn!

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Course Details
Duration 4-6 hours
Type Certification
Level Fundamentals
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