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Kx for Monitoring Product Overview

Kx for Monitoring is an enterprise solution for real-time monitoring, investigation and analysis of system stability and performance. Visibility, insight and control prevention is better than cure, almost everyone would agree. Where it’s not possible, however, early detection must at minimum be achieved to minimize the damage. And in the middle should be early warning – knowing from past experience that a set of events or indicators suggests a failure is imminent and that taking action now will forestall its negative impact.

All three come into play in the best monitoring practices: regular maintenance to avoid errors, visibility to detect them and early intervention to minimize them. Kx for Monitoring helps in each of these areas.

Visibility: Dashboards enable users to see instantly what is running, not running or running at sub-optimal levels. Alerts and notifications ensure that the right people know where, why and when something is wrong.

Insight: A complete database of results, alerts and processing statistics enable analysis into the causes, frequency and precedents of system failures. Historical data provides insight in to what regular maintenance should be performed to avoid errors. Analysis of past performance helps identify thresholds and warning levels that indicate where failure may be imminent.

Control: Drilldown to detailed information on the causes and location of errors to enable swift remediation. Support staff can see instantly what process is in error, what server, what network card etc. requires attention in order to restore service quickly and effectively.