The World's #1 Vector Database for Similarity Search and AI

The Early Access Program introduces participants to an array of exceptional benefits:

Exclusive Access to Latest Features and Updates: Participants get a first-hand experience of new features and updates, with the opportunity to provide feedback that contributes to shaping the future of KDB.AI.

Unlimited Usage: Throughout the early access period, participants enjoy unrestricted usage of KDB.AI, enabling a comprehensive exploration of its capabilities.

Dedicated Support: Early access offers exclusive support from KX, providing assistance with any encountered challenges, and a channel for valuable feedback and suggestions.

Connectivity: Participants will get access to custom modules for LangChain via a simple Python client and a plugin for ChatGPT.

This Early Access Program offers two-year, non-renewable licenses either by department or on an enterprise-wide basis, both with unlimited usage.

    Which use cases do you have in mind for using KDB.AI and what are your goals for this?*

    What is the current status of your company's plans to solve use cases with Generative AI?*

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