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Rethinking Data Management for Microservices and Cloud-Native Apps

Date: February 23, 2023
Time: 11:00 AM PT / 14:00 PM ET

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Webinar Overview

Designed to be fast, scalable, flexible, and user-friendly, modern applications are at the center of the innovation and automation that is transforming companies, industries, and society today. At the same time, modern applications come with demands that traditional data management approaches fall far short of effectively meeting. From fast-paced DevOps workflows to highly distributed microservices environments, new data management technologies and strategies are essential to accommodating the increasingly cloud-native world of applications shaping today’s data-driven businesses.

Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) roundtable webinars are one-hour, topic-specific sessions produced and broadcast live over the Internet with streaming audio and PowerPoint presentation.

The audience will have real-time interaction with the speakers with Stephen Faig, Director of DBTA, acting as moderator. The webinar will conclude with a live Q&A session moderated by DBTA during which each speaker can weigh in on questions submitted by the audience. Sponsors are also allowed to preload canned questions.

KX Speaker

Steve Wilcockson - KX


Steve Wilcockson, KX Product Marketing – Data Science Technologies

Steve enjoys model-led and data-driven technologies, particularly in financial services where he’s worked with quants, data scientists, data engineers, developers, economists, traders, risk managers and other business stakeholders. At KX, Steve advocates for the world’s fastest kdb time-series database and analytics language q, particularly within Pythonic, MATLAB, Julia and R-oriented research to production workflows. Prior to joining KX, Steve was a Product Marketer for Java runtime specialist Azul, Market Development Lead at “altdata” sustainable finance satellite imagery data provider Geospatial Insight, and Financial Services Industry Manager for MathWorks, aka MATLAB.

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