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Welcome to KX Community Meetup Hong Kong

We are excited to announce the dates of our next KX Community Meetup event. This time we’re in Hong Kong, at Liberty Exchange Kitchen & Bar. This event is designed to empower developers to come together, share ideas, and learn from their peers, with ample opportunities to network over light refreshments.


Date: March 30, 2023 Time: 6.15pm – 9.30pm Location: Liberty Exchange Kitchen & Bar, Level 2


6:15 pm – 7:00 pm

1st Presentation to start at 7pm.

Presenter: Dr. Kim Keun Tang, KX Senior kdb+ Solution Architect, KX

Interfacing with qkdb

Description: In this talk, Kim will explain the different approaches to interface qkdb with other programming languages like Python and R. Kim will explain the ability of PyKX to execute and manipulate Python objects within a q session and demonstrate the added value of doing so. With this feature, users can build applications which embed machine learning/data science libraries within production q infrastructures and allow users to use plotting libraries to visualise the outcomes of their analysis.

2nd Presentation to start at 7.30pm

Presenter: Jo Shinonome, Vice President, kdb+ analytics platform Cash Equities, CitiBank

vscode-q as a cloud IDE for Quants and Developers

Description: In this presentation, Jo will present vscode-q; an open-source plugin for vscode. It can be used not only as an independent local IDE for q but also as a remote IDE and includes key features such as the discovery server panel which will be demonstrated and discussed for configuring thousands of kdb+ processes.

3rd Presentation to start at 8.00pm

Presenter: Arthur Ng, Vice President, Jefferies

Automating core Quant Trading workflow with a kdb+-centric stack

Description: In this presentation, Arthur will provide an overview on the use of kdb+ within Jefferies quant trading workflow and how they manage real-time and batched analytics integrating kdb and python technologies.

Networking: 8.30pm – 9.30pm

Drinks & Canapés to be provided on the night.

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