Control for Kx Product Overview

Control for Kx provides comprehensive enterprise level functionality for deploying, configuring and running high performance, large volume data processing platforms.

Applications will usually do what is expected of them, like calculate exposures or identify trading opportunities, but they may also do unexpected things like let anyone logon, allow the database to be wiped, hog resources or simply stop – and all with no record of who did what, where or when.

While users may accept such intermittent shortcoming CIOs, Compliance officers and those whose reputations depend on robust verifiable business processes will not. To ensure that systems meet internal audit standards on application integrity they require visibility into what processes are currently running and a framework for imposing control on their operation. Control for Kx provides both.

  • Centralized configuration management
  • Dashboards for viewing system status
  • An alerts and notification framework for communicating and escalating required actions
  • Process and analytics library enabling users to swiftly deploy new solutions or augment existing ones
  • A Governance framework for developing new applications


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