Kx Workshop Seoul

22 May 2019, 9:30 am

WeWork Seoul Square, Level 4, 416 Hangang-Daero, Jung-gu, Seoul

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Kx Workshops are aimed at both a technical and business audience. Developers new to the technology will find the session very useful in gaining a quick guide to many features of the q language. Business managers will gain an understanding of what makes kdb+ different, and will leave with a thorough overview of the power of kdb+ and the range of uses to which it can be put. The workshops are a great way to learn about the technology in a hands on environment where you will solve real business problems.

This one-day hands-on workshop explains how kdb+ and the q language can address today’s data challenges. The program highlights the advantages of using q and its APIs to analyze massive data sets, and extract information to drive business decisions.

Please note that this workshop requires a laptop.


The day has 4 sessions:

Kx, kdb+ and q Overview

• Introduction to Kx, kdb+, q and the challenges of working with big data
• Installation and use of the kdb+ free version and q programming language
• Running q scripts to generate sample databases.

Running and Benchmarking Analytic

This session covers examples and benchmarks of analytics that can be run very quickly over billions of records, including:

• Grouping, aggregations and time-based joins
• Correlations with other data sets
• Daily profiling
• Statistical analysis

Real Time Data and Event Processing

This session explains the management of real-time data feeds, including:

• Publishing, analyzing and storing high volume data
• Performance characteristics of data streams
• Defining event handlers and analytics in real time
• Setting up a feed subscriber to maintain and display real-time metrics

Third Party Interfaces

• Integrating with third party interfaces, including C & Java.
• Importing data from CSV

For more information about Kx Workshops, please contact events@kx.com

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