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10 Apr 2014 | , ,
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Fintan Quill

Our tagline: kdb+ and q, simply faster. How did we come up with this? We didn’t just make it up, our users told us this. We love it and we are using it!

We started the kx community as a way to bring users together to share their experience with kdb+ and q. Users have been using the software for years to great success and we wanted to bring this community together to get people talking, sharing tips, posting blog entries and helping each other make the most of our software. This is powerful software that solves complex problems. Bringing this group together just shares the knowledge.

What we also found was a competitive group – a group that likes to share the success they’ve had using kdb+ and q. When a user can make kdb+ and q do what they imagined and more, not only are they excited but we are excited too!

We hope you enjoy the community and find value. We look forward to your contributions and your knowledge-sharing.

Fintan Quill
Senior Engineer, Kx Systems


Kx Insights: Machine learning subject matter experts in semiconductor manufacturing

9 Jul 2018 | , ,

Subject matter experts are needed for ML projects since generalist data scientists cannot be expected to be fully conversant with the context, details, and specifics of problems across all industries. The challenges are often domain-specific and require considerable industry background to fully contextualize and address. For that reason, successful projects are typically those that adopt a teamwork approach bringing together the strengths of data scientists and subject matter experts. Where data scientists bring generic analytics and coding capabilities, Subject matter experts provide specialized insights in three crucial areas: identifying the right problem, using the right data, and getting the right answers.

kdb+ tick database disaster recovery

Kx Technical Whitepaper: Disaster recovery planning for kdb+ tick systems

2 Nov 2017 | , , , ,

This whitepaper discusses disaster recovery and failover concepts from the perspective of the gateway layer accessing a typical kdb+ tick system used in capital markets applications. The end goal of constructing this plan is to ensure high availability of the application via the gateway where possible, considering all conceivable failure scenarios and outlining any actions required to prevent data loss, minimize any downtime and keep the application accessible.