The nature of ticker plant log files

1 Aug 2014 | , , ,
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In the latest edition of the “Q for Gods” white paper series, First Derivatives’ developer Fionnbharr Gaston, currently based in Singapore, writes about the nature of ticker plant log files, and their importance in a kdb+tick system.

This white paper, is a great way to learn about how log files can be corrupted, and what sort of solutions you can use if you find yourself in that situation.


Java API for kdb+

31 May 2018 | , , ,

In the latest in an ongoing series of kdb+ technical white papers published on the Kx Developer’s site, Kx engineer Peter Lyness has written about how the Java API for kdb+ can be used to enable a Java program to interact with a kdb+ process.

kdb+ tick database disaster recovery

Kx Technical Whitepaper: Disaster recovery planning for kdb+ tick systems

2 Nov 2017 | , , , ,

This whitepaper discusses disaster recovery and failover concepts from the perspective of the gateway layer accessing a typical kdb+ tick system used in capital markets applications. The end goal of constructing this plan is to ensure high availability of the application via the gateway where possible, considering all conceivable failure scenarios and outlining any actions required to prevent data loss, minimize any downtime and keep the application accessible.