New book: Q-tips: Fast, Scalable and Maintainable kdb+

25 Mar 2015 | ,
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Hong Kong-based kdb+ programmer Nick Psaris has published a book, “Q Tips: Fast, Scalable and Maintainable Kdb+,” for programmers immersed in analyzing big data in financial services.

“Q Tips” provides the growing q programming community with a practical guide to learning the language through building a real life application. Filled with useful examples and in-depth explanations, “Q Tips” has something for everyone who wants to understand q, write more efficient code, or start developing their own complex event processing engine. The book is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

Charles G. Skelton, CTO at Kx Systems, commented: “In this book, Nick calls upon his years of hands-on experience of using q in real world trading environments. He introduces the building blocks of kdb+ and demonstrates how to capture, persist and analyze huge data sets efficiently. This is essential reading for any programmer working with q and we’re sure it will be a welcomed and widely read resource.”

Read here for more about Nick’s book.