Rollups with an arbitrary tree hierarchy

15 Mar 2015 | , ,
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Steve Wirts, an expert kdb+ developer at OpenFin, recently presented his latest innovation to OpenFin’s Hypergrid/Q project at a Google Developer Group Meetup. It’s a version that allows you to do rollups with an arbitrary tree hierarchy. You can read a little more about it if you scroll down here.

Since then, Steve has a continued to work on Hypergrid/Q:

The latest example is a million row grid with 20 columns, rollups using sum/max/min/first/avg, and sub second updates. It has 2 q servers, 1 for computation and 1 for caching the results so Hypergrid is never blocked.

Screenshot of the app

Also, it now has a dnd interface for selecting the hierarchy/hidden/visible columns.

dnd interface screenshot


Transitive Comparison

Kdb+ Transitive Comparisons

6 Jun 2018 | , ,

By Hugh Hyndman, Director, Industrial IoT Solutions. A direct comparison of the performance of kdb+ against InfluxData and, by transitivity, against Cassandra, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, and OpenTSDB

Kx provides rapid access to unstructured data

Insights into kdb+ 3.6

5 Jun 2018 | , ,

At Kx25, the international kdb+ user group conference held on May 18th, we released kdb+ version 3.6. With this release, we are opening up new possibilities for kdb+ application developers.
It provides a lot of new capabilities and streamlines previously complex processes so that programmers will be able to take a simpler approach to writing systems compared to what they did in the past.