José Cambronero & Dennis Shasha present q/kdb+ research

Research in kdb+/q: AQuery

29 Sep 2016 | , , ,
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Dr. Dennis Shasha, of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU, and José Pablo Cambronero, a PhD student at MIT, recently presented the results of their research on AQuery and q/kdb+ at the latest Kx Community NYC Meetup.

AQuery is a simple extension to SQL that makes joins, moving averages, correlations, and other such operations, fast on terabyte-scale data. AQuery unifies the declarative syntax of SQL 92 with the addition of an ASSUMING ORDER clause, moving aggregates, flatten etc to achieve the semantics of kdb+. The system includes an optimizer. AQuery compiles to q.

There are two aspects of this project that Dennis and José presented: (i) AQuery, the language and the optimizer; and (ii) using q/kdb+ as the execution engine for new languages. They provided a series of helpful dos and don’ts.

Check out the video on the Kx Systems’ Youtube channel [here].

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kdb+ utility to search codebase

Kdb+ Utilities: Q code Workspace Utilities

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If you are a kdb+/q developer, you will find the workspace utilities created by Kx Managing Director and Senior Solution Architect Leslie Goldsmith to be a valuable resource. This is the first in a series of blog posts that give a quick introduction to several utilities available at Leslie Goldsmith’s GitHub. In this part of the series we look at an essential tool which contains routines for summarizing and searching the contents of a workspace, ws.

Kx Partner Companies Recognized for Excellence and Innovation

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Over the last few months a number of startups using Kx technology have been recognized for excellence and innovation in their industries, including BrainWaveBank, 3DEO and RxDataScience (RxDS).
RxDS, is at the forefront of new types of interactive data science software applications for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. It uses Kx technology to power the Big Data analytics engine in its apps. Silicon Review noted RxDS’ rapid growth in revenue and customer acquisition in naming RxDS as one of the 30 Fastest Growing Private Companies to Watch.