Performing Big Data analytics in pharma using financial trading technologies

29 Oct 2015 | , , ,
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Senior programmers and executives from Purdue Pharma will talk about how they are performing large scale Big Data analytics using high frequency trading, or algo trading, technologies.

Use cases will demonstrate how query times for an enterprise RDBMS can be reduced from hours to seconds and how real-time Big Data visualizations at scale look with TB of data. They will also describe how their approach, using kdb+, is more economic and efficient than commonly used Big Data platforms.

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kdb+ for sensor analytics

Kx Insights: Benefits of Utility Predictive Maintenance Analytics

17 Oct 2017 | , , , ,

Utilities are going through significant modernization, with the adoption of smart grid technologies such as advanced metering, advanced distribution management, outage management, customer engagement and analytics. This modernization is creating a wealth of diverse data about assets, operations, and customers. At the same time the job of utilities is becoming more challenging with pressure to reduce costs, competition from new forms of technologies and energy providers as well as the need to integrate renewable energy resources. These new challenges, competition and pressures are leading to innovation and transformation in the utilities industry.

kdb+ at IESO

Kx powers Data Mart for Ontario’s Smart Meter Data

23 Aug 2017 | , , , , , , , ,

Ontario’s electricity system is overseen by a semi-governmental entity called the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). The IESO’s responsibilities include ensuring that there is enough power to meet the province’s energy needs and to plan for future needs. As part of that mission, a Smart Meter Entity within the IESO administers the data generated by Ontario’s four million smart meters.