Multi-threading in kdb+

15 Dec 2015 | ,
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In case you missed it, FD’s Connor Gervin spoke this year about multi-threading in kdb+. You can watch the video above or at YouTube.

In his talk he covers:

  • Parallel execution operations
  • Multi-threaded input queue
  • Multi-threaded HDB
  • Segmentation
  • MapReduce

He also spoke about peach handles and extra cases.

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Q for Mortals guide to kdb+/q programming

Q for Mortals Version 3 Now Free Online

3 Jan 2017 | , ,

Kx is pleased to announce that Jeffry Borror’s book Q for Mortals Version 3, An Introduction to Q Programming, is now available for free online at here.
Q for Mortals serves as both an introduction and reference guide to programming in q/kdb+, and replaces an earlier version. In the latest edition, Jeffry includes expanded real-life applications based on his experience teaching and using q at a large financial institution where kdb+/q has been widely deployed for many years.

distributed computing with kdb+/q

Distributed Computing in kdb+

21 Dec 2016 | ,

Kx financial engineer, Connor Gervin, gave a talk at a Kx Community NYC Meetup in 2015 that is worth revisiting. Connor described kdb+’s built-in multithreading and multiprocessing capabilities, which are an essential part of every serious kdb+ programmer’s’ toolkit. With these features, programmers can make the best use of multicore hardware when solving increasingly complex problems over ever-expanding datasets.