distributed computing in kdb

Multi-threading in kdb+

15 Dec 2015 | , ,
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In case you missed it, FD’s Connor Gervin spoke this year about multi-threading in kdb+. You can watch the video above or at YouTube.

In his talk he covers:

  • Parallel execution operations
  • Multi-threaded input queue
  • Multi-threaded HDB
  • Segmentation
  • MapReduce

He also spoke about peach handles and extra cases.

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Transitive Comparison

Kdb+ Transitive Comparisons

6 Jun 2018 | , ,

By Hugh Hyndman, Director, Industrial IoT Solutions. A direct comparison of the performance of kdb+ against InfluxData and, by transitivity, against Cassandra, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, and OpenTSDB

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Insights into kdb+ 3.6

5 Jun 2018 | , ,

At Kx25, the international kdb+ user group conference held on May 18th, we released kdb+ version 3.6. With this release, we are opening up new possibilities for kdb+ application developers.
It provides a lot of new capabilities and streamlines previously complex processes so that programmers will be able to take a simpler approach to writing systems compared to what they did in the past.