Kx Technical Whitepaper: C API for kdb+

20 Jul 2017 | , , , ,
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By Jeremy Lucid

In its traditional financial domain, and across an increasingly broad range of industries, one of the main strengths of kdb+ is its flexibility in integrating and communicating with external systems. This adoption-enhancing feature is facilitated through a number of interfaces, including C and Java APIs, ODBC support, HTTP and WebSockets.

In the latest Kx technical whitepaper, C API for kdb+, it is illustrated how the C API can be used to enable a C program to interact with a kdb+ process, and thereby leverage the real-time streaming and processing strengths of kdb+. The paper includes multiple working code samples, made available for reference and reuse on GitHub,  which cover a broad range of common use cases – including publishing data to, and consuming data from, kdb+ instances.

For the complete white paper go here.


Kx Insights: Machine learning subject matter experts in semiconductor manufacturing

9 Jul 2018 | , ,

Subject matter experts are needed for ML projects since generalist data scientists cannot be expected to be fully conversant with the context, details, and specifics of problems across all industries. The challenges are often domain-specific and require considerable industry background to fully contextualize and address. For that reason, successful projects are typically those that adopt a teamwork approach bringing together the strengths of data scientists and subject matter experts. Where data scientists bring generic analytics and coding capabilities, Subject matter experts provide specialized insights in three crucial areas: identifying the right problem, using the right data, and getting the right answers.

Transitive Comparison

Kdb+ Transitive Comparisons

6 Jun 2018 | , ,

By Hugh Hyndman, Director, Industrial IoT Solutions. A direct comparison of the performance of kdb+ against InfluxData and, by transitivity, against Cassandra, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, and OpenTSDB