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Kx – ready to conquer the world!

18 Mar 2014 | , ,
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I first came across Kx when I was a journalist covering the financial technology space, in the mid 90s. The company was then called Atlantis Systems, and it had an exclusive contract with UBS, so there was not a lot that could be said, apart from noting that the technology was a high-performance database supporting time-series data, and a query language called K that made it possible to express complex queries in a compact notion.

All of these attributes made it a very different beast from mainstream products like Sybase – which was the stalwart of financial transactional databases at the time. Fast forward a year or so and I happened to be in Palo Alto and put in a call to Atlantis, only to be greeted with the news that the company had just come to the end of its exclusive with UBS, had changed its name to Kx Systems, and was ready to conquer the world!

Pete Harris
Lighthouse Partners

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kdb+ utility to search codebase

Kdb+ Utilities: Q code Workspace Utilities

6 Feb 2018 | , ,

If you are a kdb+/q developer, you will find the workspace utilities created by Kx Managing Director and Senior Solution Architect Leslie Goldsmith to be a valuable resource. This is the first in a series of blog posts that give a quick introduction to several utilities available at Leslie Goldsmith’s GitHub. In this part of the series we look at an essential tool which contains routines for summarizing and searching the contents of a workspace, ws.

Kx Partner Companies Recognized for Excellence and Innovation

26 Jan 2018 | , , , , , , , ,

Over the last few months a number of startups using Kx technology have been recognized for excellence and innovation in their industries, including BrainWaveBank, 3DEO and RxDataScience (RxDS).
RxDS, is at the forefront of new types of interactive data science software applications for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. It uses Kx technology to power the Big Data analytics engine in its apps. Silicon Review noted RxDS’ rapid growth in revenue and customer acquisition in naming RxDS as one of the 30 Fastest Growing Private Companies to Watch.