Kx for IoT turns on the lights

GitHub: Kx and IoT, turning on the lights with kdb+/q

23 Sep 2016 | , , ,
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Expert Kx developer JP Armstrong recently added an interesting kdb+/q project to GitHub.

It is a small web application to control the lights in his apartment. It does this by wrapping Philips Hue’s comprehensive REST API into simple functions that turn on/off lights, change “scene”, and schedule light changes through URL GET calls. The project also comes with the ability to get today’s sunset time and schedule the lights to turn on 30 minutes in advance.

Check out JP’s project on GitHub.

Here is info on Philips Hue.

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Kx featured on 2018 IoT Landscape Map

7 Mar 2018 | , ,

First Mark Capital’s Matt Turck has been talking about the growth of both the Big Data and the Internet of Things ecosystems for several years in his blog and elsewhere. An outgrowth of this interest has been graphic “maps” of both the Big Data landscape and the Internet of Things landscape that portray all of the significant players in those markets in a particular year. Subsequent versions of Matt’s maps, which are published annually, show the speed of change of IoT technologies and approaches, especially for managing and analyzing large datasets generated by IoT devices. 

kdb+ utility to search codebase

Kdb+ Utilities: Q code Workspace Utilities

6 Feb 2018 | , ,

If you are a kdb+/q developer, you will find the workspace utilities created by Kx Managing Director and Senior Solution Architect Leslie Goldsmith to be a valuable resource. This is the first in a series of blog posts that give a quick introduction to several utilities available at Leslie Goldsmith’s GitHub. In this part of the series we look at an essential tool which contains routines for summarizing and searching the contents of a workspace, ws.