Kx Insights: Merging EMRs with Healthcare Analytics

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By Antonia Breslin


Healthcare is one of the most data intensive environments today, but getting value from that data continues to be an industry challenge. A 2017 report by The Software Alliance BSA claims that health data is grossly underused, with current management systems being widely inefficient and incapable of unlocking its value. Regulatory requirements for electronic medical records (EMR) and the introduction of real-time medical monitoring through edge technology, means that Big Data in healthcare will only increase in complexity and decrease in efficiency.

Kx for Pharma offers a solution for analyzing IoT data sent by remote medical monitoring devices. It’s high-performance database platform, quickly captures, analyzes and stores real-time data and is ideal for edge technology. The design of the system allows it to process streaming real-time and historic data, such as from EMRs, in one system for performing predictive analytics.


Regulations in the U.S. require healthcare providers to use electronic medical record (EMR) systems to comply with strict data coding standards. In the UK, the National Health System has set a 2020 deadline for the introduction of a comprehensive system of EMRs. The digitalization of medical records will facilitate the demand for speedy answers to patient queries. Systems such as Kx’s will enable data and analytics to be blended, and results delivered, to any permitted user or system on-demand within seconds. Kx Systems has established itself as a leader in this area, because it was at the forefront of similar innovation in the financial industry, which has mostly replaced physical interactions between brokers with electronic high frequency trading over the past decade.

Merging EMRs with Healthcare Analytics

The REACH Telemedicine Survey Report 2017 found that while U.S. hospitals are increasingly using a centralized digital approach to managing patient’s healthcare; many EMR systems are still operating in heterogeneous networks that undermine the ability to collate and aggregate their data for healthcare analytics purposes.

Insurance companies, hospitals and other providers are increasingly using healthcare analytics to improve patient outcomes. Kx for Pharma plays a role through its unique ability to facilitate predictive EMR analytics through centralized configuration and data storage. Kx can be used to swiftly analyze vast amounts of data and provide visualization tools for representing the results with Dashboards for Kx.

The dashboards tool enables IT departments to put patient information directly in the hands of healthcare providers, allowing them to investigate their data independently.

The Future of Connected Health & Real- Time Medical Data  

Looking to the future, health science is driving the concept of connected health, striving for a world where medical devices can connect to each other remotely to inform healthcare decisions. The Software Alliance BSA 2017 report cites a machine learning algorithm that can predict a cardiac arrest 4 hours in advance of the event with a recorded accuracy rate of 66%by combining real-time data with a patient’s historical medical records.

Crucially, much of this processing will rely on “edge” processing which enables remote data analysis and collection at source before transferring it to a centralized data management system for analysis against historical records. As edge analytics opens the gateway for remote patient monitoring, there will be a demand for an effective real-time data management system like Kx. Further, because of its extremely small code base, Kx is ideal for edge computing in small medical devices.


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Over the last few months a number of startups using Kx technology have been recognized for excellence and innovation in their industries, including BrainWaveBank, 3DEO and RxDataScience (RxDS).
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