Kx featured in Bloor Streaming Analytics Report 2016

30 Sep 2016 | , , ,
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Kx is among the leading streaming analytics technology firms chosen by Bloor Research for a recent market report. Streaming analytics has emerged as an essential capability for businesses today looking to capitalize on the value of their data. With the volume and velocity of Big Data increasing, new tools are needed to keep pace. Bloor selected a group of 14 vendors at the cutting edge of this new era of computing including IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Software AG and Kx. Further evidence that, as Bloor reports, Kx has: “crossed the chasm from capital markets into the next generation of streaming analytics and the Internet of Things.”


Kx Product Insights: Inter-Trading Alert

5 Dec 2018 | , , ,

by Aidan O’Neill Kx has a broad list of products and solutions built on the time-series database platform kdb+ that capitalize on its high-performance capabilities when analyzing very large datasets. Kx for Surveillance is a robust platform widely used by financial institutions for monitoring trades for regulatory compliance. The Surveillance platform instantly detects known trading […]

Kx extends relationship with NASA Frontier Development Lab and the SETI Institute

The Exploration of Space Weather at NASA FDL with kdb+

4 Dec 2018 | , , , ,

Our society is dependent on GNSS services for navigation in everyday life, so it is critically important to know when signal disruptions might occur. Physical models have struggled to predict astronomic scintillation events. One method for making predictions is to use machine learning (ML) techniques. This article describes how kdb+ and embedPy were used in the ML application.

kdb+ on Google Cloud

Running kdb+ on Google Cloud (GCP)

8 Nov 2018 | , ,

By Himanshu Gupta Our guest blogger, Himanshu Gupta, is an expert kdb+ programmer who frequently writes about kdb+/q, as well as other technologies on his blog, enlist q, where this post originally appeared. In this latest article Himanshu gives a tutorial on using kdb+ on the Google Cloud. Check out enlist q, and subscribe while you […]