Kx and IoT

22 Feb 2016 | , , ,
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It makes sense that Kx technology would be a perfect fit for IoT data, given its decades of high performance analytics with streaming, real time and historical tick data in the financial services industry.

Przemek Tomczak, Global Head of Fast Data Solutions for First Derivatives, spoke with us last week about how Kx technology is a good fit for utilities.

He said: “With the deployment of smart meters and power line sensors, utilities are having to process and store increasing amounts of data, some handling hundreds of millions  to billions of measurements per day. Accessing and analyzing this information is a challenge. Many utilities have dealt with these challenges by only analyzing a sub-set of the information or not at all. For example, using traditional relational and Hadoop technologies to analyze a few hundred million measurements has taken weeks to many hours using large clusters of servers. Performing similar analytics using Kx technology on very modest infrastructure is performed in milliseconds to seconds, enabling utilities to analyze all of their data more cost-effectively to identify anomalies and improve their forecasts and predictions.”

Przemek recently attended the largest North America conference that covers the utility industry from end-to-end. Check out his take-aways on the 2016 utility industry trends, particularly for sensors here.

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