Data Analysis with Vector Functional Programming

15 Jun 2016 | , , ,
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Tim Thornton, a software developer with Kx Labs in Ontario, gave a talk called Data Analysis with Vector Functional Programming at the YOW! Lambda Jam, a conference which takes a deep dive into functional programming and was held in Brisbane, Australia, April 28-29, 2016.

In his description of his 26-minute talk Tim said:

The attendee will leave the talk with a basic understanding of the vector functional paradigm, how it may be useful in practical domains, an understanding of array-based thinking (practical in any functional programming language), and hopefully, an appreciation — or at least openness — toward terse and precise syntax.

Well worth watching: VIDEO


Machine Learning with kdb+ blog

Dimensionality Reduction in kdb+

14 Jun 2018 | , , , , ,

Dimensionality reduction methods have been the focus of much interest within the statistics and machine learning communities for a range of applications. These techniques have a long history as being methods for data pre-processing. Dimensionality reduction is the mapping of data to a lower dimensional space such that uninformative variance in the data is discarded. By doing this we hope to retain only that data that is meaningful to our machine learning problem. In addition, by finding a lower-dimensional representation of a dataset we hope we can improve the efficiency and accuracy of machine learning models.

kdb+ Neural Network

Neural Networks in kdb+

7 Jun 2018 | , , , , , ,

As part of Kx25, the international kdb+ user conference held May 18th, a series of seven JuypterQ notebooks were released and are now available on Each notebook demonstrates how to implement different machine learning techniques in kdb+, primarily using embedPy, to solve all kinds of machine learning problems, from feature extraction to fitting and testing a model. These notebooks act as a foundation to our users, allowing them to manipulate the code and get access to the exciting world of machine learning within Kx.