Kx Use Case: Real time processing of ELT telemetry data

24 Oct 2018 | , , , ,

By John Lockhart   Construction of the world’s largest optical telescope is underway on a mountain top in northern Chile by the European Southern Observatory (ESO), a 16-nation intergovernmental research organization for ground-based astronomy. The Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) is expected to significantly expand astrophysical knowledge and is planned to be completed in 2024. As

Kx Use Case: MIT Motorsports’ kdb+ Vehicle Telemetry System

11 Oct 2018 | , , , , ,

By Nickolas Stathas MIT student Nick Stathas was the software lead for the MIT Motorsports Team’s Model Year 2018 (MY18) race car which competed in the international Formula SAE competition in June 2018. Nick built an open-source code base of embedded components for monitoring the car’s systems’ including the vehicle control unit and battery management