Kx Product Insights: Spoofing and Layering Alerts

18 Sep 2018 | , ,

by Jamie O’Mahony Kx has a broad list of products and solutions built on the time-series database platform kdb+ that capitalize on its high-performance capabilities when analyzing very large datasets. Kx for Surveillance is a robust platform widely used by financial institutions for monitoring trades for regulatory compliance. The Surveillance platform instantly detects known trading

Kx Insights: Time for a new approach to financial surveillance

3 Jul 2018 | , ,

Is your financial services company prepared for increased enforcement? In 2017, for example, the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) tripled the number of enforcement actions involving disruptive trading practices, levying tens of millions of dollars in fines and permanently barring traders from futures and options markets regulated by the CFTC. Though they don’t agree on many things, global regulators are united in upping the appetite for enforcement. If you got that ‘notice of investigation,’ how long would it take you to reconstruct the trade?