Kx Insights: Sensor Data Storage for Industrial IoT

7 Jul 2017 | , , , , ,

Businesses adopting Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies face a herculean task. In an industry where the number of connected devices and equipment is increasing exponentially, the amount of operational data coming online which must be analyzed and stored rises in tandem. Though many industrial businesses utilizing traditional database management systems find themselves drowning in the sheer volume of sensor data they are producing, those who are forward-looking are turning towards new platforms to help manage their data and, in turn, reduce costs and improve overall performance.

Edge Analytics and IoT – How Kx is Revolutionizing Manufacturing from the Edge

27 Mar 2017 | , , , , , ,

Edge analytics is a method of data analysis and collection that allows an automated analytical computation to be performed on a tag or sensor rather than having all of the ingested data sent back to a centralized data warehouse before being acted upon. Manufacturing is an industry which requires real-time action on analytics at their source. This is a challenge which Kx excels at.

Kx powers Data Mart for Ontario’s Smart Meter Data

20 Mar 2017 | , , , ,

The IESO's Data Mart uses Kx technology to support high volumes of daily data access requests and anticipated growth with 24x7x365 availability, as well as current and future demands for advanced analytics in Ontario’s energy sector. For example, with kdb+, the IESO is able to aggregate an entire year of data for all meters in a few minutes, which supports analysis of load profiles, consumption behavior and different rate models.

The Internet of Things: It’s a question of when not if

12 Nov 2016 | , ,

We are on the cusp of a massive change in the utility sector worldwide. Smart-meters working collectively with the Internet of Things are going to generate a flood of data but turning that data into insights and those insights into value is going to be a challenge. Change seems inevitable with pull from consumers and push from utilities, national grids and regulators.

Kx and IoT

22 Feb 2016 | , ,

It makes sense that Kx technology would be a perfect fit for IoT data, with its similarity to tick data. Utilities are starting to find ways to use it with their sensor data management systems.