University Motorsports Team has fastest electric vehicle in Formula SAE

28 Jun 2018 | , , ,

In June 2018, a student-led team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) participated in the annual international Formula SAE Electric car competition. The team used Kx technology for tracking and analyzing the streaming data coming from the on-board sensors, recording each value in real-time and visualizing performance on Kx Dashboards.

Sensors Working Overtime

11 Jan 2018 | , ,

Kx recently became an official team supplier to Aston Martin Red Bull Racing who is using Kx technology to handle mission-critical aerodynamic data. Below is an article published by Aston Martin Red Bull Racing on 11 January 2018 which explains the importance of this aero data, and working with Kx technology, for improving car performance for the F1 Team. It outlines how Kx’s in-memory, time series database software, capable of handling millions of events and measurements every second, provides a platform for analysing data on the RB14 and its successors.