Kx Technology and the Connected Store

18 Apr 2017 | , , , ,

The connected store is the next step in the digital transformation of the retail industry as the Internet of Things brings new sources of real-time and streaming customer data to store operators. New technologies are needed for these emerging frequencies and types of data, which has created an opportunity for Kx for Retail. The Kx streaming analytics platform is perfectly suited to analyzing large volumes of data in real time. Kx helps retailers make faster and more informed decisions based on what is occurring now, what has occurred in the past, and what is predicted to take place in the future.

How Kx Can Power the Smartphone Shopping Revolution

1 Feb 2017 | ,

Kx data scientist and developer Mazin Hassan looks at how exploding volumes of consumer shopping data being generated by smartphones and mobile devices are transforming the retail tech industry. With the current retail market in the USA alone surpassing the $2.6 trillion mark, the retail tech pie is very large, and Kx technology is well suited for analyzing streaming retail data and for presenting powerful visualization tools for understanding it.