MiFID II, The Day After

4 Jan 2018 | , , , ,

Don’t pop the champagne yet for the launch of Europe’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II). While January 3rd was the go-live date, and the industry is thought to be 80% compliant, there are major outstanding issues to contend with in 2018. Yesterday was simply a milestone marking the turn to the home stretch. Although MiFID II has been in the works for many years, its Level II and Level III guidance was still being finished in the second half of 2017, which has meant an uncomfortable level of ambiguity for those who must implement MiFID II.

Kx Data Refinery: Enabling Data Connectivity

27 Feb 2017 | , , ,

In the latest of our series of Kx newsletters with Gartner research, Dan Seal describes how the Kx Data Refinery (formerly Kx for DaaS) brings all of the hard-won experience and battle-hardened technology Kx has developed for financial markets over the years into a platform that can be used for real-time and historical data capture and analytics across any business vertical.

MIFID II Countdown: Best Execution and Kx Technology

21 Feb 2017 | , ,

The time for general discussion of MiFID II is now over for European banks, trading venues and asset managers with deployment mandated for less than a year away. Market participants have earmarked budgets, with tier one banks alone expecting to spend $40 million each to comply with the new rules, and the process of retooling and designing new infrastructure. In this article Kx's Mike Gorman looks at key implementation issues for best execution under MiFID II

The Silver Lining for Financial Services from MiFiD II Compliance

8 Dec 2016 | , , , , ,

New market structural reform rules are disrupting how financial institutions are doing business -- in a good way. Traditionally banks’ compliance departments have had the luxury of churning out reports to satisfy the regulators, and then filing them away. Those days are gone. Greater amounts of data, on more types of products, now must be analyzed and reported upon more quickly. This is forcing all operational areas, from the back-office to the front office, to upgrade their technology stack in response to the new regulatory regime. In the process, they are discovering a silver lining.