Working With Sym Files in kdb+

12 Mar 2019 | , ,

Kdb+ developers often find themselves working on the largest real-time and historical data sets in the world. Managing them involves consuming feeds from multiple sources in parallel, performing in-memory analysis, and storing data on disk for future reference. This technical white paper looks at the sym file, a key component of kdb+ application architecture.

Kdb+/q Insights: Deferred Response

28 Feb 2019 | , , ,

A useful feature in kdb+ version 3.6 is the ability to defer the response to synchronous IPC messages. The value of this becomes more apparent when systems grow and have to handle many users. Deferred response can be considered a more efficient method to serve data to client process

Kx and the Internet of Things Asia

21 Apr 2017 | , , , ,

Adoption of connected devices and Internet of Things data analysis has become a compelling business imperative for companies and countries around the world. In Asia, the IoT revolution has unique characteristics reflecting the infrastructure and politics of the region. The conference is fittingly held in Singapore, which is striving to become the world's first Smart City.