Cybersecurity, telecoms and Kx technology

22 Nov 2016 | , ,

Businesses are facing an increasingly indiscriminate threat from cyber criminals. Despite the best security, companies must remain on high alert because hackers are continually changing their methods. Having first focused on banks, hedge funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions, cyber attackers have expanded across all sectors, so no organization is immune.

Real-time Insights and Decision Making with Fast, Big Data

9 Nov 2016 | , ,

Businesses are processing exponentially more data from clicks, swipes, micropayments, cyber packets, social feeds and meter readings today. The financial services industry has been doing this on a large scale for the past two decades. FIS has coped with steadily increasing data volumes by using a simple scalable data architecture composed of a real-time database (RDB) and a historical database (HDB)