Kx Product Insights: Analyst for Kx IDE

3 Oct 2018 | , , ,

By Ben Jeffery Introduction This article examines how the features of Analyst for Kx help developers and analysts write code in kdb+. In previous articles in this series, we have ingested taxi and weather data into kdb from multiple sources, and used visual techniques to gain some insight into the data. This article will outline

Kdb+ interface to Kafka

20 Jun 2017 | , , , , ,

Kx recently released a Kafka interface to kdb+ on GitHub that eases integration of applications using Kafka applications with kdb+. Sergey Vidyuk of the Kx Tech team has written a blog post describing the interface. This interface provides yet another way of combining the ingest, real-time and historical data processing capabilities of kdb+ with external data streams and consumers.

GitHub: Regex extensions for kdb+/q, using Google’s re2 library

8 Mar 2017 | , ,

Every developer at some point needs to extract valuable data embedded inside of strings. Jay Fenton has released an extension to kdb+/q on GitHub, which enables Google's highly optimized re2 library to be used inside of kdb+. You can find other great kdb+/q GitHub repos at the Kx Github index. If you post kdb+/q code to GitHub, please drop us a note at librarian@kx.com. There are more ways to participate in the Kx Community too, join the Kdb+ Personal Developers Group and look for a Kx Meetup in your area.

GitHub: Machine learning project for kdb+/q

14 Dec 2016 | , ,

Software engineer and kdb+ programmer Juan Lasheras recently added a kdb+/q machine learning project to GitHub. The aim of Juan's ml.q repository is to act as a multi-purpose machine learning toolkit. It provides multiple useful methods that practitioners can use for data analysis and predictive modeling. It is comparable to the scikit-learn toolkit for Python. Check out his repo on GitHub to see the algorithms he implemented.