Kx in the Public Cloud: Autoscaling using kdb+

16 Jul 2019 | , ,

For most programmers, using the cloud is all about scale. You want to know how you can scale most efficiently, and how you can most economically use the resources you have. The latest version of kdb+ has a number of features that enable you to get the most out of kdb+ on the cloud.

Running kdb+ on Google Cloud (GCP)

8 Nov 2018 | ,

By Himanshu Gupta Our guest blogger, Himanshu Gupta, is an expert kdb+ programmer who frequently writes about kdb+/q, as well as other technologies on his blog, enlist q, where this post originally appeared. In this latest article Himanshu gives a tutorial on using kdb+ on the Google Cloud. Check out enlist q, and subscribe while you

Kx on the Google Cloud Platform

26 Jun 2018 | , , , ,

At Kx25, the international kdb+ user conference held in New York City on May 18th, Kx announced that kdb+ is now available on the Google Cloud Launcher. Antonio Zurlo of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) gave a presentation about Google Cloud and described an example of how to use kdb+ on the GCP.