Top three ICT data themes at NXTAsia 2018

25 Jul 2018 | , , , ,

By Thomas Kearney  Collecting and analyzing big data in order to differentiate services in a competitive marketplace has been a common theme for many years­­­­ among Western developed nations. In recent years, emerging markets have seen double-digit growth rates from similar provision of cheaper, faster telco services and from digitizing and optimizing their delivery chain. Now,

Kx Insights: How Prosumers are driving Big Data Innovation at Utilities

13 Jun 2018 | , , , ,

Prosumers in the utility sector, who both produce and consume electricity, are increasingly influencing how utilities are interacting with rate payers. These clients utilize distributed renewable energy resources to produce energy, both for themselves and for the grid, and actively monitor and manage their own energy use. Their unique ability to return power to the grid introduces a bi-directional flow of energy where there was formerly “one-way traffic.” This poses a coordination challenge, as the energy sector’s traditional supply-and-demand management approaches are forced into new and challenging territories.