Kx for Earth Observation and Astronomy Big Data challenges

11 Oct 2017 | , ,

The aerospace industry is increasingly becoming aligned with companies that can take advantage of high-value geospatial and global Earth observation data. In the current era of Big Data and IoT analytics, businesses in industries ranging from energy to civil engineering to facilities management that can commercially exploit non-traditional sources of data, such as data from satellites, can gain a critical edge. Kx technology has already been adopted in a number of such initiatives.

Kdb+ and Observational Astronomy Analytics

31 Jan 2017 | ,

As Kx expands into industries beyond financial services, data-driven fields of study, like astronomy, are emerging as use cases for the kdb+ database. Kdb+ developers Andrew Magowan and Jame Neill's whitepaper explores the opportunities for kdb+ in observational astronomy, inspired in part by the construction of new infrastructure that has the potential to record volumes of data that have never before been seen in the field.