Kx Product Insights: Analyst for Kx IDE

3 Oct 2018 | , , ,

By Ben Jeffery Introduction This article examines how the features of Analyst for Kx help developers and analysts write code in kdb+. In previous articles in this series, we have ingested taxi and weather data into kdb from multiple sources, and used visual techniques to gain some insight into the data. This article will outline

Kx Product Insights: Visualization for Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

20 Sep 2018 | , , , ,

By Tim Thornton   Kx has a broad list of products and solutions built on the time-series database platform kdb+ that capitalize on its high-performance capabilities when analyzing very large datasets. Analyst for Kx is a powerful graphic user interface combined with an integrated analytics package which puts the power of kdb+ in the hands

Tech Talk: Thoughts on Tables in kdb+

29 Nov 2016 | ,

Kx engineer Paul Kerrigan has been working with kdb+ for the past year, since he joined Kx. He has experience implementing kdb+ in the areas of risk management, pharmaceutical manufacturing and retail analytics predictive modeling. In this blog post about programming in kdb+ Paul tackles the topic of tables.