Kx Systems

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Centers of attention.

The world of Kx is enriched immeasurably by the dedicated professionals who support each other with information, tips, and practical knowledge based on working intimately with kdb+ and its associated products.

kdb+ Listbox
An invitation-only discussion group for licensed customers of Kx. To request an invitation to join, please enter your official company email address here.

kdb+ Personal Developers
An open Google discussion group for users of the Personal Developer edition of kdb+.

Kx wiki
A wiki of community resources for kdb+ developers — including reference material, contributed code, cookbooks, and kdb+/q tutorials — at code.kx.com. Everyone has read access to the Kx wiki, and interested parties can request write access to the wiki and contributed code areas by emailing .

Kx Community
Whether you are new to kdb+ or an expert, please join us at kxcommunity.com.

Articles and other links
Links to articles, code, sample programs, and programming ideas.

Kx hosts periodic user meetings and conferences, and attends industry trade shows. See events.