Kx for Flow

Kx for Flow is a HTML5 white label foreign exchange trading platform offering users the ability to create bespoke liquidity pools and distribute price information to clients and markets. Our comprehensive turn-key solution provides in-depth risk management functions as well as real-time in-memory analytics.

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FX Trading UI

Kx for Flow has been designed using the latest web technology. It provides institutions with a HTML5 browser interface designed to match their brand and can be distributed across mobile devices as well as desktops.

This elegant FX Trading UI offers access to Spot, Forward, NDF, Swap and CFD pricing and execution.


Kx for Flow is built on a multi-tenanted infrastructure, enabling quick connectivity to liquidity from multiple Banks, Brokers and ECNs – end-to-end configuration within 1 day.

Aggregation functionality can collate price information from multiple sources, both internal and external, to produce bespoke feeds for both continuous streaming and RFS delivery.

Price Distribution

Kx for Flow offers a rich and intuitive liquidity pool configuration enabling distribution of bespoke, targeted price information over our FX Trading UI, API and bridges to multiple third party channels

Liquidity pools can be easily configured to offer the full landscape, tiered pricing or a single best rate, with real-time changes being applied for all configurations, including credit and mark-up.

Smart Order Routing

Optimizing trade routing can be complex. That is why Kx for Flow provides highly intuitive, real time, rules-based configuration for Smart Order Routing

Internalized trades can be managed manually or via our algorithmic strategy engine.

Strategy Engine

The Kx for Flow Strategy Engine offers a platform on which tailored and bespoke complex decision logic can be created, configured and executed in real-time.

It enables users to write bespoke algorithms for trading and risk management strategies, for market making or applying dynamic changes to client risk profiles, based on parameters such as time, number of ticks received or market volatility.

The strategy engine is offered as either an intrinsic component of the Kx trading solution, or as an independent product


Kx for Flow processes all received ticks to produce real-time, interactive analytics based on both live streaming and historical data.

By harnessing the potential of kdb+ technology, Kx for Flow offers a suite of analytics including;
- Order audit for Best Execution
- Market Impact analysis across all liquidity received
- In-depth cross comparison of Liquidity Providers

Kx for Flow Analytics offers users the ability to configure bespoke screens and analytics.


Kx for Surveillance enables financial institutions to instantly detect known trading violations like layering, spoofing or marking the close. Customers can calibrate their parameters in real time to improve their detection quality and accuracy.

The flexibility of the historical database and replay engine eases retrospective investigation for new types of fraudulent behavior and suspicious activity.