RIS: Real-time in Retail – Using Data to Transform the Shopping Experience

22 Sep 2017 | , , , ,

In the latest edition of Retail Info Systems, Kx's Tom Hill writes that the retail industry is seeking to take advantage of growing volumes of data through technology. With massive volumes of data being created from a variety of channels, connectivity and speed become critical. Organizations need to ensure that they can take data feeds from multiple sources, formats and periods, combine this and perform high speed analytics all in one tool.

First Women: Britain’s productivity puzzle can be solved with a smart technology plan

12 May 2017 | , ,

Shannon Jones of Kx writes in First Women magazine about using technology to solve Britain's productivity problem: "Businesses should increasingly seek to partner with technology experts who can assist them in not only getting the best from their current resources, but in introducing new ways of working, enabling them to improve processes, and crucially, work smarter. Last summer, Kx partnered with life sciences center The Earlham Institute to study crop growth patterns, developing a completely new approach to analytical processing in bioscience. Continuing these types of projects and collaborating to bring about change will be crucial in helping the UK to remain globally competitive in the realm of productivity."

Intelligent Trading Technology: Data Processing Strides Pave The Way To More TCA Capability

6 May 2017 |

In a recent article, Intelligent Trading Technology interviews Kx's Fintan Quill, head of North American Engineering, about Kx technology and Data-as-a-Service, as well as on how financial institutions are using big memory to drive TCA and for market surveillance. Kx's recent announcement that Squarepoint Capital is powering its large-scale in-memory research with kdb+ is cited as further demonstrating the point.

Code to Glory: How Intel and Kx Systems Beat the Benchmarks

13 Apr 2017 | ,

Kx and Intel recently partnered on a series of benchmarks run by an independent tech blogger using public datasets of taxi rides in New York City. The results were the fastest by far of any other CPU-based technologies. Key take-aways from Intel's article about the benchmarks are: real-time analysis of massive market data volumes delivers profitable insights; accelerated query performance is the ultimate resource to identify trading opportunities and coding for parallelism and vectorization is time well spent, it delivers exceptional results.

Fresh Business Thinking: How is technology boosting productivity for UK businesses?

7 Apr 2017 | , , , ,

Kx's Kevin McGivern writes in the latest issue of Fresh Business Thinking how technology is the single greatest enabler of boosting productivity within businesses – yet ONS statistics show that on average, the UK is as much as one day a week less productive than France, Germany and the US.  It’s clear that more work needs to be done now to harness new, innovative technologies that will be pivotal in helping organizations disrupt their business models in years to come. But what steps need to be taken to get there, in a bid to claw back that elusive, extra day?