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From system configuration, support contracts, and application development to add-on solutions like dashboards and interfaces, our consulting partners offer a wide range of services and products that complement the kdb+ product.

For example, where more extensive testing is required than can be provided by free, onsite Kx evaluations — where, for example, kdb+ is being introduced along with other significant internal changes — our consulting partners offer extended proof-of-concept trials and support. Most of our partners also offer training services.


Since 1989 Affinity Systems has been building world-class custom software. Combining broad industry experience and a systematic approach from design to development, they specialize in complex software solutions, big data analytics, business intelligence, and life-cycle quality assurance for a wide spectrum of clients.


AquaQ Analytics Limited is a provider of data management, data analytics, and data mining services to clients in the financial services sector. Their domain knowledge, advanced analytical techniques, and expertise in best-of-breed technologies, help AquaQ's clients get the most out of their data.

Bedarra Research Labs

Bedarra Research Labs is a private industrial research lab whose mission is to explore applications of next generation computing and communication technologies.


The Kx engineers at First Derivatives include some of the most talented q programmers in the world with years of collective experience in delivering mission critical solutions to top tier investment banks, large financial institutions, and hedge funds.

quantumKDB was founded by kdb+ enthusiasts with a genuine passion for the technology. Leveraging vast experience designing robust, scalable, and reliable systems, the company has one simple focus: to deliver optimal solutions in kdb+.


Top Experts is Israel's leading database and infrastructure applications company. The firm provides database implementation, support, and maintenance, as well as system upgrades, data conversion, architecture consulting, and Big Data services featuring kdb+.